Lighting of the New Years bonfire with an Olympic Torch

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Well, we know how to do it in style! New years 2011 came in with a bang, and a little olympic spirit!

Here is the video from the event, a good time had by all!

Up on Pressy Lake the gang got together and had a good old time, the faces on the torch bearers tell it all:

So what’s a little hard to see from the video is that it’s being shot from the middle of Pressy Lake. We dragged the firewood out in -20 and built the fire pit right in the middle. And of course, we didn’t plan on having a tame fire by any stretch!

The debate ensued as to just when the fire would break through the ice and render the group wet, cold, and possibly in trouble. From our flooding of the ice rink and long track circuit, we knew the ice was about 4” thick on the top loose surface and 6” more of good pure ice formed from the bottom… how fast does ice melt with cold ambient temperatures and hot fire? Anyone care to venture what happened in the end?

Probably the highlight of the video (beside the grinning idiots we all were) is the blue flame fire trail and exploding flame at start up. Steve takes large amounts of the credit here, “don’t worry guys, I won’t use too much gas, I’m just getting the logs to pre-soak a little!” This wasn’t the man’s first fire-pit, clearly!

We also had a 21 gun (roman candle) salute to usher in 12:00 so send me over those pictures and I’ll add them to the blog.