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Is That Vancouver House A Place to Live or Investment?

Posted on 05/01/12 in Business, Politics, Taxes, 2 Comments

I have a pretty straight forward and logical approach to the buy vs. rent decision I’d like to share. I’ll try to ignore the intangibles about home ownership, it’s stability, and security versus rentings flexibility and instability.  These factors are nicely summarized by how long a person is looking to stay still for and calculated […]

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A Route to Soft Landing When the Real Estate Bubble Bursts in Vancouver

Posted on 04/29/12 in Business, Politics, Taxes, 2 Comments

The real estate market in Vancouver has been on a tear for 20 years now.  Many pundits and experts are calling it a bubble, others are say Vancouver land is scarce and will have long term demand. I’ll chose not to try and predict the future, but rather propose a discussion on what we should […]

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Canadian Living Best Described as Urban or Rural – Lets Govern that Way and Return to the City – State

Posted on 04/26/12 in Politics, No Comments

Human urbanization has been on a steadily increasing path since industrialization.  Jobs and people are drawn together, sometimes into enormous centers.  Rural populations are defined very differently, containing  vast geography, resources and space.  Living in an urban space or a rural space is the primary descriptor of human lives today.  Each of these types of […]

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On Occupy – Taxes – and Commecial Real Estate

Posted on 10/16/11 in Business, Politics, Taxes, No Comments

Reading the sunday papers about a  Dem frustrated with Obama (written by a bright ex Canadian) got me thinking.  If  I could pass on one thing to big wall street execs (like him) what would I say?  I’m not the only person asking questions of Wall Street but I read the Sunday Papers. Three things caught my eye […]

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