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Sunset from a BC Ferry

Port Tack Option is the parent company of the Port Tack group of companies.

Port Tack is focussed on delivering quality products and services to our customers for a  great value.

Beijing Olympics CelebrationThe founder,  Ben Remocker, is an Olympian from Canada who competed in sailing at the 2008 games in Beijing.

The dinghy sailing community has been a huge part of my life for over 20 years. From learning to sail as a kid, to exploring North America in my youth, to drawing me to Queen’s University, to moving to the UK to train, to the Olympics, it was all on the back of dinghy sailing.

As I worked for the most part with just my team mate Gordon Cook, I realized the value of having great solutions for coaching available. Port Tack Charter was created to help the independent racers out there, and we will continue to do all we can for them.

The corporate LookAfter a decade of taking my personal and physical safety overly serious in order to secure my Olympic dream, I realized it was time to scratch my extreme sports itch again. The mountains of British Columbia beaconed, and with the purchase of a mountain bike and snowmobile I was set for winter and summer.  No products regarding mountain biking just yet… just a vehicle for fun.

There are so many different ways to ride a snowmobile in BC that a rack to transport all of the various pieces of equipment became a necessity. Teaming up with my former sailing partner, Peter Spotzl, we set out to find a rack that we could use.

Permberton Ice Fields

Finding nothing in the market suitable, we set out to create the snowmobile rack every sled rider deserves.  We have been through a few iterations now with the rack.  Our first goal was to be able carry extra fuel in an elegant manner.  No crazy knots of rope, no breaking bungies, no cock-eyed misfitting jerry cans.

We looked for the most durable, cheap, easy to hold, breath hole equiped jerry can on the market.  Once we found our can we designed our rack around it so that the gas cans fit perfectly inside, securing a good fit.

The next job was to be able to carry skis or a snowboard for riding fresh lines in the backcountry.  With the abuse a snowmobile goes though, that proved to be no easy feat.  Our first attempt worked perfectly in the alpine but could not survive being run into a garage while parking.  We figured even though that was not quite in the design spec, we should look for increased durability anyways.

The upgraded design is certainly that.  It can accomodate 2 snowboards or a set of skis and poles along with up to 10 gallons of spare fuel.  It is a simple an elegant solution to go along with our goal of keeping the design simple enough that it can handle the hardships of snowmobiling.  Props to Max and the guys at Endeavor Snowboards for the supply chain hook up and demo boards!

In development

Who knows what products Port Tack will tackle next, there is so much out there to be created and improved. Port Tack Outfitting, Port Tack Farms and Port Tack Analytics are all on the back burner, keep looking out, or get in contact to join the team.